The Meat House

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"The Meat House is the modern revival of the neighborhood butcher - only better!"

The Meat House has several locations in Massachusetts, and I frequent the Coolidge Corner location for premium gluten-free meats. The best part about The Meat House is that they have gluten-free marinated meats for purchase with little "no gluten" stickers on them for simplicity. The Coolidge Corner location also has a designated gluten-free section in the back of the store with various gluten-free products such as Schar breadsticks, Udi's granola, and gluten-free pasta as well.
My favorite item at The Meat House is the Burgundy Wine steak tips, and I also tend to go home with J.K. Scrumpy's Solstice Organic Hard Cider. The marinated meats are affordable and can be purchased either depending on the amount you want from the butcher or choosing a pre-packaged (yet still fresh) version.

Address: 1285 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446

Hours: 9am-8pm



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