The Abbey

I was so excited to see The Abbey finally open up around the corner from my apartment. Washington Square is already a great neighborhood full of wonderful restaurants and bars. The staff is very knowledgeable about gluten, but if you're just looking at the menu on your own, you'll assume that you won't have many options.

On a recent visit to The Abbey, I had the mussels sauteed in white wine and garlic. I usually try not to eat mussels very often because they aren't very filling for me, and this proved true again with this starter portion, but I scarfed them down so quickly that I was practically drooling over the idea of getting another plate. The sauce was really light and fragrant, and I imagine that if I were able to eat the fries that came with the dish, the sauce would've been great for dipping purposes.

The food is great, the cocktails are delicious, the staff is beyond friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the prices are affordable and non-guilt inducing. If you haven't been over to The Abbey yet, make sure to get there early or be prepared for a wait...the place is small and always packed!

Location: 1657 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02445


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