It was sad when I first became diagnosed in college and found out that I couldn't hit the keg of Natty Light anymore, but hard cider helped me get over my sorrow. Not only am I totally obsessed with hard cider, but I've had a hand in converting many beer lovers over to my side. Below is a list of the top five amazing ciders that you can get your hands on (not in any particular order):

1. Hornsby's
- Found at the Shaws/Star Market on Commonwealth Avenue and Cambridge Wine & Spirits

2. Strongbow
- Found at Reservoir Wine and Spirits, Gimbel's Liquors, most liquor stores in Boston area
- Served at The Regal Beagle, The Lower Depths Tavern, Coda, and Cornwall's

3. Woodchuck
- Found at Coolidge Corner Wine and Spirits, Reservoir Wine and Spirits, Gimbel's Liquors, Shaw's/Star Market on Comm. Ave, The Wine Press, Mission Hill Liquors, Cambridge Wine & Liquors, most liquor stores in Boston area
- Served at Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, Clery's, The Rattlesnake, Cheers, Boston Beer Works, Mission Bar and Grill, Tavern in the Square

4. Original Sin
- Found at Blanchard's Liquors, Cambridge Wine & Spirits
- Served at Deep Ellum (it's not on the menu, but it's kept behind the bar), The Publick House, Grendel's Den, Audubon Circle, The Other Side Cafe, Mission Bar and Grill

5. Magner's
- Ubiquitously found in Boston area liquor stores, basically guaranteed
- Served at almost every bar in the Boston area -- Cityside Bar and Grille, An Tua Nua, Clery's, Cactus Club, The Rattlesnake, Faneuil hall area bars, Sunset Cantina, White Horse, Cask'n Flagon, Washington Square Tavern, Atlantic Beer Garden

I took a trip to Pizzapalooza in Newton last month to fulfill my neverending search for the best gluten-free pizza, and I have to say that their pizza is competing for top dog in my book.

The sauce was INSANELY good...not too acidic, and definitely had a serious kick. My only complaint is that the crust was kind of crumbly, so it was difficult for me to eat like the New Yorker that I am (fold each piece in half). That being said, the crust was absolutely delicious and didn't have any hint of weird non-glutenness. My boyfriend said that this was the best gluten-free pizza that he's ever tasted, and that he couldn't even tell that it was gluten-free (he was able to eat their regular pizza and compare it with my gf pizza).

The best part about Pizzapalooza is that all of their regular pizzas can be made gluten-free! Also, their individual gf pies are cheap! I'm definitely looking forward to going back and trying a different pie.