Conte's Gluten-Free Ravioli

Okay, I hate giving bad reviews, but sometimes it must be done. I made Conte's gluten-free cheese ravioli last night for dinner, but things didn't work out the way that I anticipated.

I followed the package instructions and tested one and it was al dente, so I threw it back in and kept heating for a few more minutes on med-high heat. When I took them out, my first bite was great, but I attribute this to the fact that I haven't had ravioli in a while. As I kept eating, I became increasingly underwhelmed. I decided to save the rest of my meal as leftovers for lunch today in an attempt to give the ravioli another shot.

Round two didn't go so well either. The texture is still sort of rubbery/meaty, and the cheese inside doesn't have much, if any, flavor. My poor sad fat ravioli...oh and by the way, I totally thought, based on the package picture, that I was going to have lots of little raviolis, but instead ended up with these supermonstrous ravioli instead.

As with all "bad" reviews, I don't hate the company, just the particular product; I am MORE than willing to try out any of Conte's other gluten-free products. Actually, I don't even hate this particular product, I just think that it bored me and made me upset that I paid $8 for a "blah" meal.

**FYI I purchased the ravioli at the Shaw's on Beacon Street in Brookline, MA


Anonymous said...
June 30, 2010 at 12:41 PM

I agree. The price alone bothers me enough to never buy again.

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