Caesar's Manicotti

I've written about Caesar's foods before, and the last time I had a mediocre opinion of the stuffed shells. The manicotti, however, is amazing. No hint of gluten-free taste, the shells are soft out of the microwave, and the cheese is undoubtedly the best part.

I'm not sure why, but Caesar's doesn't have a website. I've purchased Caesar's at Whole Foods and Stop and Shop. My next Caesar's product review will be the lasagna...let's see if it can match up to my favorite Amy's veggie lasagna.

Price: $4.99
Location: Stop and Shop
*The picture above was stolen from Kraft foods


iron said...
November 14, 2009 at 1:24 AM

I have read the article regarding Caesar's Manicotti.I like post very much as it contain informative in nature.The snap looks like crispy and very tasty.I want to know suggestion from others.I agree with the point in dish that the cheese is undoubtedly the best part.

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