After a lovely day at Crane beach, my friends and I stopped at Woodman's to grab a bite to eat. I struggled for an extensive amount of time trying to decide what I could possibly eat at a fried seafood place.

After settling on chowder, the cashier asked me if the reason for my indecisiveness was just that I didn't like fried food. When I told her I had Celiac disease, she informed me nonchalantly that they happened to have gluten-free batter that almost everything could be fried in (the only things that aren't GF are clamcakes, onion rings, and sandwiches).

UMMM..excuse me?! There isn't a sign that says that ANYWHERE. Needless to say, I FREAKED out. Fried seafood heaven! I got popcorn shrimp and it was so delicious that I still dream about it. Each dip into tartar sauce or ketchup was outstanding.

Dear Woodman's, You need to advertise this kind of thing more! I would've visited you all summer if I had known that I could eat fried seafood before, after, and while on the beach.

Location: 121 Main Street, Essex, MA 01929
Website: http://www.woodmans.com/


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