My non-gluten-free companion for the evening was running late, so I sat at the bar and tried to ignore the bartender and host while on the phone. However, the staff at Pigalle makes another seemingly uptight French restaurant feel warm and inviting. The host was extremely accommodating and the bartender provided me with a drink menu despite my refusal; both were friendly and non-intrusive.

The crowd was older, the room dimly lit with candles, and the overall feel of the restaurant was expensive, yet not haughty.

Don’t try to get the eggplant timballo, because your heart will be crushed when you find out that it has gluten in it. Do tell your server that you have a gluten intolerance, as there are a lot of hidden ingredients containing gluten that aren’t listed on the menu.

The lobster cocktail appetizer was crisp, light, and refreshing with hearts of palm and citrus sabayon. The citrus was lovely, and the simplicity of the dish worked well.

Atop my entrée of braised shortrib were fried onions. The combination of the onions, shortrib, and corn provided a great combination of texture and flavor. The shortrib was immensely succulent and tasted as if it had been braised in a red wine. But alas, the Celiac diner cannot have the accompanying mushroom agnolotti and substitutions aren’t allowed. The truffled corn beurre blanc was rich, creamy, and delicious.

The best part of dinner was the chocolate mousse dessert. The mousse had a harder exterior and a softer interior. I normally hate nuts, but the tiny “crunchies” combined with the mousse and berries were phenomenal. I would return to Pigalle simply for this dessert.

The experience at Pigalle was enjoyable, but not mindblowing. Perhaps my expectations are too high during restaurant week, but I truthfully can’t imagine why none of these “top” restaurants are leaving me wanting more. I also had what I refer to as a “Celiac attack” afterward, so do with that information what you will.

Location: 75 Charles Street South, Boston, MA
Website: http://www.pigalleboston.com


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