Nebo restaurant

I had the pleasure of dining at Nebo restaurant the other night thanks to Regan Communications Group. The atmosphere was quiet and intimate, and we had a great time trying gluten-free pizza, pasta, and an excellent eggplant dish.

We tried the Christina pizza, which was a white pizza with corn, mozzarella, and sweet sausage. The crust was cake-like and unlike any other gluten-free crust that I've had before. It almost reminded me of corn bread, both in taste and consistency, which worked really well with the Christina pizza, but I'm not sure if it would work as well with a red sauce pizza. The sausage was definitely the standout ingredient in the pizza.

In addition to the pizza, we also tried the Amatriciana pasta with sweet onions, pancetta, and "spicy" red sauce. My non-Celiac companion for the evening couldn't tell that the pasta was gluten-free, and we both were in love with the suace. The sauce was zesty, rather than spicy, and had a great down home taste that distinguished it from most red sauces that I've tried. The pancetta was tender, tomatoes fresh and juicy, and the onions provided a subtle contrast in the dish.

Our final dish was the Timballo di Melanzana, an eggplant dish that blew us away. The baked mozzarella totally made the dish, and the eggplant had a nice smoky taste and was cooked perfectly. I can still taste the dish when I look at the pictures that I took.

We spoke with Carla, one of the owners, throughout our meal about ingredients, meal options, and the history of the restaurant. It was great to talk to someone who was so dedicated to a cause that didn't directly affect her own diet. The staff at the restaurant is dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience for gluten-free diners, and they are truly passionate about helping the gluten-free community.

My only complaint is that my Mango Cosmo was ridiculously acidic and didn't actually taste like mango. I didn't know that they had Redbridge beer or dinner specials until we finished our meal, but our poor server had broken his glasses during his shift and could barely see us or anything at all, so we were very understanding of the limitations that came with the service that night.

Overall, we had a great time at Nebo and I seriously appreciate all of the work that the staff has put into creating their gluten-free menu. Whether you're going on a date, or looking to have a quality homestyle meal with friends, Nebo is a wonderful place with an extensive gluten-free menu.


Karen said...
August 18, 2009 at 7:28 PM

I lived in Boston for many years and will be there over Labor Day. Can't wait to check out Nebo! Thank you for the review -

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