GF Boston on the road: The Lazy Goat

After a long day driving around in North Carolina, we headed back to downtown Greenville for dinner at The Lazy Goat. The Lazy Goat is nestled between the Reedy River and The Hampton Inn; the ambiance at night is seductive and tranquil with waterfalls and dim lighting.We sat on the patio and our server was kind and attentive. My non-gluten-free companion asked if they had a gluten-free menu, and I was surprised that they had a menu with highlighted and specific options detailing what I could and could not have. I was also surprised when I found out that they ran out of the meal that I wanted, and that a lot of the ingredients on the gluten-free menu hadn’t been updated on the current menu.
We started off with a braised octopus dish that had herbed tomatoes, shaved fennel, and arugula. The octopus was firm, and, although it was supposed to be the highlight of the dish, the tomatoes stole its thunder. The herbed tomatoes were ripe, natural, and divinely ascorbic, and paired well with the shaved fennel and arugula; the overall combination of tastes was well balanced.
My non-GF companion ordered the Nararre Style Trout, which was presented beautifully in a large, shallow, red bowl. The chorizo in the potato and chorizo filling was unrecognizable, and the filling was rather starchy overall. The fish was cooked well and the haricot vert and tomatoes complimented the fish nicely, but the fiery roasted tomato vinaigrette had more of a citrus than fiery taste.
As previously mentioned, they ran out of the Jamon Serrano wrapped flounder that I wanted, and when I tried to order the Butternut Risotto, I found out that it had been changed to a Primavera Risotto. I was ambivalent about the amount of ingredients in the Risotto, and unfortunately my instinct was correct. The lemon basil finish was overwhelming and the squash and fava bean combination didn’t exactly work with the mascarpone cheese; the tomatoes also seemed out of place. However, the risotto was cooked flawlessly, and the mascarpone was delicious.
The food at The Lazy Goat didn’t stand up to the ambiance. There seemed to be a lack of attention to detail, both in the menu’s descriptiveness and in preparing the food. We had a great time, but wished the food could’ve matched our experience and service.


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