GF Boston on the road: The Laughing Seed Café

A day trip to Asheville, NC resulted in a visit to The Laughing Seed Café I think I squealed when we found out that they had gluten-free options specified on their menu, as we unintentionally stumbled upon the restaurant via google.

We started our meal off with fried gluten-free Shitake corncakes. The corncakes were soft and fell apart when you cut into them. Although we couldn’t really taste the mushrooms, the corncakes were absolutely divine. The corncakes had an earthy and humble taste, and the creamy dressing drizzled over them had a nice hint of ginger.

I decided to keep it simple and stick to a Mediterranean salad, while my non-gluten-free companion chose a Tico Burrito.

The salad had “cherry tomatoes, red onions and cucumbers, feta cheese, a Greek Feta dressing, and was garnished with seasoned artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and pepperoncini.” All of the ingredients were extremely fresh, and the feta was definitely the standout ingredient. I couldn’t taste the dressing, but the vegetables were all so juicy that their combination provided a dressing of it’s own.

We ended our meal with a gluten-free chocolate chip and coconut cookie, which our server told us was the best gluten-free cookie around. Well, she fibbed on the cookie, as it was rather grainy and overtly sugary to compensate for the missing glutenous ingredients. It wasn’t a bad cookie, it was just far too sweet and crumbly.

Overall, The Laughing Seed Café was a unique and delightful experience. I truly appreciate any restaurant that takes the extra step to provide notification of gluten-free options. Every little step counts toward helping the GF community!

Location: 40 Wall Street, Asheville, NC

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Donna Reeve said...
August 11, 2009 at 5:29 PM

Yummy! Thanks for the local info for my folks.

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