Zing! Pizza and Roti

Zing! Pizza and Roti is a small, sustainable, mostly local and organic Porter Square joint with about five tables, ten-to-twelve chairs, four stools, and a really cool/laidback vibe. The staff was awesome and super friendly. A girl named Anna helped me decide between the Jon Doe regular cheese and Sundance Kid. Even though I totally understand why the GF pizza isn't sold by the slice, I still get upset when my already complicated and expensive GF life encounters another hurdle. (FYI: I've never found any restaurant that sells GF pizza by the slice, so I'm not just complaining about Zing)

From reading the website, I knew that it was going to take more time than a regular pizza to make, but when I was told it would be about thirty-five minutes...well, I was glad that I didn't have anything to do, that I didn't wait until I was starving to drive over, and that I brought a book with me. Thirty-one minutes later (yeah, I timed it), my ginormous pizza box emerged and my grumbling stomach was totally psyched for what my background research told me would be an outerbody GF experience.

I ordered a half Sundance Kid (turkey sausage, organic tomato sauce, caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes, and mozz and parm cheeses) and half Blue October (roasted butternut squash puree, fresh baby spinach, caramelized onions, with mozz and blue cheese crumbles) pie on GF crust.

he GF crust was phenomenal: soft dough, crunchy crust, no white rice aftertaste, and definitely didn't taste GF overall. I definitely think that the sausage should be spicy instead of sweet, since the caramelized onions already provide enough sweetness. I also think that there could be more parmesan cheese in the cheese mixture. The sauce is more bitter than sweet, but it counteracted the sweetness of the caramelized onions nicely. I loved the sundried tomatoes and thought they added a great touch to the pizza.

The Blue October has rave reviews all over the internet, but I have to say that I wasn't blown away...at all. Zing uses a supremely mild blue cheese that doesn't add anything to the pizza. The butternut squash puree is lovely, but a more powerful blue cheese would have made it even better. The spinach doesn't add anything to the pizza flavor, and the mozzarella simply just holds everything together. I'm really disappointed because I thought that the contrast of sweet squash with assertive blue cheese and rich caramelized onions would be a bold combination of flavors, but instead, the flavors fell flat and the squash puree on it's own wasn't enough to keep me entertained.

I'm p
robably going to get a lot of people disagreeing with me on this review, but that's the way my GF cookie crumbles. Overall, I think the Sundance Kid was much better than the Blue October, and with a few ingredient changes I think both pizzas would be as good as all of the reviews they've gotten. It's not that I disliked Zing, it's just that I prefer bold rather than mild flavors, my expectations were beyond this universe, and my experience didn't match my expectations.

I do think that everyone should go check Zing out for themselves, and I know that I'll be returning to try a half Jon Doe cheese pizza/half pepperoni pizza.

Price: $18.11 with tax
Location: 1925 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
Website: http://zingpizza.blogspot.com/


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