Top 10 Common Supermarket Items

You're hungry and don't live in a big city where you can get fancy GF items're on a budget and can't afford all of those pricey GF're sick of reading ingredients and you just want to walk around the supermarket without tears in your eyes...

WELL, here's a top ten that will help you eat like a non-Celiac, keep some money in your pocket, and save you time at the grocery store (oh, and I actually walked around my local supermarket to find the easiest and most universal products possible) :
  1. Blueberries with honey or strawberries with sugar - a great snack during the day or for dessert
  2. Taco night - soft white corn tortillas (ex: Mission Tortillas), or hard corn taco shells (ex: Old El Paso), ground beef/veggies, lettuce, salsa, cheddar, and sour can use your dinner leftovers for lunch the next day
  3. Snacks in cups - I always buy Snack Pack or Jell-O pudding, Mott's Apple Sauce, or Yoplait yogurt to carry around in my bag
  4. Chex cereal - For breakfast or for a snack, Chex cereal has made almost all of their products GF (excluding wheat and multibran Chex)
  5. Think cans - Bumblebee tunafish, Bush's Baked Beans (except Bush's Best Chili Beans), Del Monte canned fruits...I love to buy and heat canned refried beans and combine them with fat free sour cream, reduced fat cheddar, and cooked veggies to put on top of tortilla chips for nachos
  6. MACAROONS - I've found that most macaroons are gluten-free and sooooo good
  7. Eggs and potatoes - omeletes, fritattas, sunny side up, fried with cheese, egg salad...baked, twice baked, mashed, diced in a salad, or sliced and fried for french fries..take advantage of the versatility of potatoes and eggs!!
  8. Rice - plain old white, basmati, or jasmine rices can be great sides or entree bases..especially for stir fry's and Hispanic or Asian, think LEFTOVERS
  9. Smart Ones - the following are GF, and we all know that Smart Ones are relatively universal in supermarkets: Broccoli & Cheddar Potatoes, Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata, Fiesta Chicken, Santa Fe Rice & Beans, Creamy Tuscan Chicken, Grilled Chicken in Garlic Herb Sauce, Home-Style Chicken, Chicken Santa Fe
  10. Polly-O String Cheese - I may not be in elementary school anymore, but I don't care...Polly-O is totally my jam
Et cetera to consider if you can find it in your supermarket: Lundberg Rice Cakes, Lundberg Risotto (not all are GF), Smart Food popcorn, Utz brand chips/popcorn/cheese doodles (mostly everything), PICKLES, hummus, microwaveable popcorn, raisins, FritoLay products (mostly everything...incl Pork Rinds), Marzetti's Ranch Veggie Dip (eat it w/ celery or baby grape tomatoes), Green Giant Simply Steam (garden vegetable medley, corn in butter sauce, cauliflower in butter sauce), POPSICLES!


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