Snack of the Day: Bakery on Main GF Granola

I actually hated granola before I was diagnosed as a Celiac, but I was basically buying anything that was GF approved during my first few gluten-free months. The fatefulness of my disease combined with a trip to Whole Foods spawned my love affair with Bakery on Main.

It's pretty pricey, so I try to buy it monthly or bi-monthly and I only eat it according to the serving size on the nutrition facts. I actually have to hide it from myself sometimes because it's sooooooo good. It's also a great study snack and you can pair it with yogurt for breakfast.

My two favorite "flavors" are the Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola and the Apple Raisin Walnut.

Oh, and non gluten-free people love this granola too, and can't even tell that it's GF! My mom called me from Down to Earth in New City, NY today to tell me she was buying herself the Apple Raisin Walnut and sending me some too!

I'm also currently sitting in a library with a non GF friend right now and she is totally dominating the bag :)

Price: ~$5.99-$7 at Whole Foods, Mrs. Green's grocers, and Down to Earth
Calories: 260 for 3/4 cup
Website: You can purchase it online too!


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