Smart Treat Cookie

I picked up an individually wrapped Smart Treat "Chips of Everything" cookie at Whole Foods yesterday. Yeah...that was clearly a HUGE mistake. Seriously, here's a picture of the cookie upon impact with my unhappy mouth...

I don't even know how to begin to describe this cookie. How about a parable...

I fell off my bike while riding on the beach at Kiawah Island a few weeks ago, and I ate a pile of sand when my face hit the ground. I would have to say that the texture and taste of actual sand is superior to that of this cookie.

The cookie tastes like old brown sugar that hardened after being left in the pantry for a few years. It's difficult to actually determine w
hat's inside the cookie..I see what looks like a macadamia nut and raisins, but can only taste what I think might be coconut and some sort of syrup.

So, here's to hoping that none of you will spend money on the Chips of Everything cookie by Smart Treat, because the sand at Kiawah Island in South Carolina is free and definitely tastier.

Price: $2.89 at Whole Foods
Calories: 330


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