Budget-Friendly: Simply Steam

Okay, I have a sick obsession with Green Giant Simply Steam products. They're cheap, low in calories, quick to heat, and delicious.

Even if you don't like vegetables, I can almost guarantee that you will like the Garden Vegetable Medley. It has a light, vaguely peppery sauce that gives it a kick...just make sure to carefully shake the bag after it comes out of the microwave.

If you're trying to keep your calorie count down, accompany a Simply Steam meal with a thin sliced chicken breast coated in lemon juice and minced garlic. Easy, cheap, low-cal, and tasty!

Price: Usually 3 for $6 at Shaw's with your Shaw's savings card
Calories: LOW, the entire Garden Vegetable Medley bag is 100 cals! Most of the other bags are similar in calorie range.


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