GF Boston on the road: Risotteria

Well, I was on the road to home this weekend and visited a few of my favorite GF places while I was there.

I obviously stopped by Risotteria...each time I go I make someone else get the risotto so I can have the pizza. I'm sure everyone has noticed, but it's my personal goal to taste every gluten-free pizza that I can find.

My recent favorite at Risotteria has been the Sicilian style mozzarella, portobello, and truffle oil pizza.

The crust is sponge-like and thick, and the truffle oil brings an earthy, yet mild, taste to the pizza.

My mom had the "Saturday" risotto with shrimp, garlic, mozzarella, and hot peppers.

The risotto had the perfect consistency. It was peppery, and the shrimp were bountiful and extremely fresh. The jalapenos were overpowering at times, even for people who love spicy food, so we took them out after a few bites.

Overall, I love the risotto here much more than I love the pizza. The pizza IS really good, but perhaps I've been on pizza overload recently, as I found myself not as in love as I had been in the past.

Oh, I also had a Bard's beer, which I hadn't had in the past. I still prefer Redbridge.

Price: $44.00 for risotto, pizza (+$2 for Sicilian crust), and beer
Location: 270 Bleecker Street bt 6th and 7th, NYC


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