GF Boston on the road: Mozzarelli's

I couldn't wait to get to Mozzarelli's this past weekend after tweeting back and forth with the joint all last week.

I LOVE the light but crunchy pizza crust (fav GF pizza crust ever), and their mozzarella is so cheesily divine. The mushrooms on my pizza were perfectly cooked. I normally like spinach, but it was a bit on the harsh side. Once I took it off, however, it left a nice hint of taste on the pizza that made me happy to keep eating.

Chef Elai said that I could take a piece of cake with me, so I chose the marble cheesecake! It was a bit on the rich side, but if you have a sweet tooth you can totally handle it. I plan on eating it over the course of a few days..trying to mitigate the fact that I've eaten pizza and Mexican food for the past three days straight.

Price: ~$12 for one GF slice, one non-GF slice, one can diet coke, one can pepsi
Location: 38 E 23rd St, NYC


Allie said...
July 22, 2009 at 10:07 AM

hey! just found your blog... I also live in Boston... Have you been to NEBO? They have GREAT gluten free pizza (and pasta, and beer) - it's in between the North End and the TD Bank North Garden.

Sadly - I just tried Mozzarelli's and I was super disappointed - I thought the pizza crust tasted like soap! I may give it another try though, maybe they had an off day or something...

Jenna Drew said...
July 29, 2009 at 3:04 PM

I ate here last week and I loved it! I thought the crust was delicious; it almost had a garlic-like taste to it!

I also tried the carrot cake. It had a good taste, but it was a little dry.

My boyfriend tried the chocolate cake, and that was AMAZING!

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