Dining Out: Top 10

Top 10 gluten-free dishes in Boston: The numbering is based in order of what I crave most frequently, and now that I've written this...I'm craving everything. Damnit.
  1. Double Header, half Mexican Bean and half Caesar Salad on coconut rice - smoky black bean puree, monterey jack cheese, and cherry tomato salsa make up the Mexican Bean, while Caesar salad with tofu croutons sits aside, both on a bed of coconut rice ($7.25, order before 5 PM for double header, Veggie Planet)
  2. Truffled Gorgonzola french fries - french fries with gorgonzola cheese topped with truffle oil ($5, Deep Ellum)
  3. Spicy Seafood Maki - crab stick, shrimp, octopus, tobikko, cucumber, spicy mayo, and scallion ($7.50, Fugakyu)
  4. South of the Border fiesta nachos, without chili - hot nachos topped with jalapenos, scallions, tomatoes, black olives, jack and cheddar cheeses, shredded lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream, with salsa on the side ($8.99, Sunset Cantina)
  5. Shirred Eggs - baked shirred eggs with Irish bacon, cream, cheddar, and scallions, and a side of home fries. ($12.95, Sonsie)
  6. Grilled Tenderloin Salad, without fried shallots - sliced tenderloin of beef, roasted potatoes, marinated mushrooms, grilled red onions, served on field greens tossed with gorgonzola cheese and roasted red pepper tomato caper vinaigrette ($17.95, Stephanie's on Newbury)
  7. Sauteed cod - sauteed cod with apple, butternut squash, smoked bacon, sage and cider butter sauce ($26, winter menu, Rendezvous)
  8. Le Péché au Chocolat - A rich creamy white and semi-sweet chocolate truffle cake with raspberry sauce ($8, The Elephant Walk)
  9. Keema Matar - an ancient recipe of ground lamb cooked with peas and herbs ($11.95, India Samraat)
  10. Cheeseburger and fries, without the bun - at the 636 Beacon Street location, they are super nice and careful if you tell them that you have a gluten allergy (between $4.29-$8.29, Uburger)


Annie Cronin said...
August 17, 2009 at 5:42 AM

I have a comment about the Deep Ellum fries. I don't think they are necessarily gluten-free. Unless the gorgonzola is the BelGioso brand and the fries are done in a non-contaminated fryolator, I wouldn't recommend them for people with celiac disease.

Annie Cronin

Anonymous said...
April 15, 2012 at 1:37 AM

Crab stick has wheat flour or modified starch listed in the ingredients and is not gluten free.


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