The beginning

Why gluten-free? Why Boston?

Well, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in October 2006 during my sophomore year at Boston University.
At the time, I had an on-campus apartment with a kitchen, but I also had a meal plan and frequented the dining halls often. I didn't know what to eat, how to cook, where to shop, or what the rules were on how to maintain a gluten-free diet.

I was extremely strict with my diet, eating became a hassle, and I lost about twenty-five pounds and dropped down to 93 pounds. Since then, I've learned how to survive on a gluten-free diet on an extremely limited budget, when there aren't any stores around with gluten-free options, and when I've wanted to drop some excess weight.

So I've finally started this blog in order to share what I've learned thus far, and what I'm continuing to learn about living gluten-free in Boston.


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