Amy's Tortilla Casserole & Black Beans

I hate when this happens: I had a terrible experience with Amy's tonight. I remember having the Tortilla Casserole and Black Beans bowl last summer, and I thought that I loved it at the time. Tonight's experience makes me wonder if they changed the recipe, because it was totally disgusting and I couldn't eat it.

I even had one of my non-GF friends who eats Amy's frequently try the meal to let me know if I was just being picky. She thought she tasted blue corn, and I thought I tasted salsa, neither of which were listed in the ingredient label.

Amy's...if you're out there...what the hell is going on with this meal? I actually had to drive home to get a different GF meal from the freezer tonight because I couldn't force myself to consume this disaster at my friend's house. I'm sad...I hate giving Amy's bad reviews because I think I've loved almost every GF meal I've ever eaten from them. Someone clue me in: did they change the recipe?

Price: ~$6.99-$8, Shaw's and Whole Foods
Calories: 390


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